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A New Tradition… 150 Years in the Making!

The story of Victoria Valley began in 1854 with George and Margarete Greilich, saloon owners from Drytown. Drytown is the oldest community in Amador County, and the county’s first gold discovery site. As the town grew, George decided to move his family to a more peaceful cattle ranch. He purchased an initial 400 acres of Victoria Valley and homesteaded the rest.

In those days, it was not unusual to see cowboys (probably George’s seven sons) coming over the rolling hills driving cattle before them. Three generations of Greilich’s worked the ranch, and it remained an active cattle ranch for more than 150 years.

In 2005, the Sweigart family became the second owners of this beautiful land. John and Cindy Sweigart are developing and managing Victoria Valley and its 120 acres of gold country vineyards in this breathtaking setting. Victoria Valley is still home to some horses and cattle and the Sweigarts are committed to maintaining two of the historic homes and other structures.

Victoria Valley is the perfect venue for a wine-country get-away, wedding or event. And, if you are as captivated as John and Cindy with this special valley, you can purchase a parcel, start your very own vineyard or obtain one that is already planted. While some of the available properties are already planted with grapes, others are blank slates waiting for your vision to become reality.

Rancho Victoria Vineyard’s history is rooted deeply in its rich soil, where gold was discovered nearby, where cattle roamed over verdant hills, and where spectacular wines continue a rich legacy. Visit for the scenery, for the wine and possibly, for a prosperous new chapter in your life.